Restaurant Upfit in Progress, Winston-Salem, NC

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Wilson-Covington is pleased to be upfitting the basement of the T Bagge Merchant in Old Salem, Winston-Salem, NC for a restaurant. Harpsichord Restaurant is slated to open in early December.

Salt-Flax House Historic Restoration Continues

Salt-Flax Pano

Salt-Flax 1

Salt-Flax 2

Wilson-Covington is nearing completion of the foundation installation under the 1814/1850 Salt-Flax House in Old Salem, Winston-Salem, NC. This project is a complete restoration of the home to the 1850 configuration to be used as a personal residence. The house has been temporarily shored, the basement dug out approximately 2′, and a new CMU foundation wall laid underneath on a footing. This wall will be filled solid and waterproofed on the outside. This will allow for structural stability and for the owner to finish the basement to be a mechanical room, office, scullery, kitchen/dining area, and powder room.

Salt-Flax Restoration Update

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Wilson-Covington continues restoration of the 1814 Salt-Flax shop and home in Old Salem, Winston-Salem, NC. Currently work is under way to shore the framing of the home and dig out the front three foundation walls. This will allow for installation of modern CMU walls that can be waterproofed, allowing for living space under the front shop of the structure. The existing stone and brick foundations were structurally failing. Original material will be used where visible to show visitors and guests the construction of the home while allowing for 21st century amenities in the basement.

Other work in progress includes framing repair and replacement on the main level of the home and roof replacement. The roof will be re-roofed with pressure treated pine shakes to mimic the original wood shakes.

Wilson-Covington Completes Installation of Recycling Center- Old Salem

OSMG Recycle

Wilson-Covington is pleased to complete the installation of a new recycling center in the Old Salem Historic District, Winston-Salem, NC. The fence boards are rough-sawn white oak boards and nails are from Tremont Nail Company.

Wilson-Covington Featured in The Longrifle

Wilson-Covington is pleased to be featured in the current edition of The Longrifle- the Old Salem publication for residents of the Historic District- for work completed on the Salem Square water pump.


Wilson-Covington Restores Water Pump- Old Salem

Old Salem Pump

Wilson-Covington Construction Company has completed the restoration of the pump on the square in Old Salem, Winston-Salem, NC. This work included rebuilding the cap, repairing the pump stand, and repairing all internal plumbing. Thankfully the pump is now in condition to be enjoyed by thousands of children for years to come.

Restoration of Old Salem Home Continues


Wilson-Covington is very proud to be restoring a private residence in Old Salem, one of many the company has worked on since the 1960s. This work has included a kitchen and bathroom remodel, fencing, gutters, downspouts, exterior repair including stone repointing, and interior painting and finishes.

Wilson-Covington carpenters have custom-built bookcases, closet shelving and storage, and a bathroom vanity for the home in keeping with the interior look and style.