Harris Teeter #420 Greenville, SC in Progress

Here are some progress photos of Harris Teeter #420 in Greenville, SC.


Bathroom Remodel Begins, Winston-Salem, NC

Wilson-Covington has become what will be an amazing bathroom remodel in Winston-Salem, NC. The concept of the owners and Wilson-Covington is to “bring the outside in.” Check back to see how we will accomplish it!



Work Begins on Historic Restoration/Remodel of Buena Vista, Winston-Salem, NC Home

Wilson-Covington has begun work on a 1920s home in the Buena Vista neighborhood of Winston-Salem, NC. Work begins by excavating historic window wells that will be restored to provide natural light into the proposed finished basement.


Harris Teeter #410 Charleston, SC Continues Progress

Harris Teeter #410 continues on schedule with interior and exterior finishes going in.