1805 Home Window Restoration

Wilson-Covington continues to restore and reconstruct the window frames and sash for the complete restoration of an 1805 home in North Carolina. Recently Eric Kagayutan, one of Wilson-Covington’s skilled carpenters, designed and fabricated a plane made from a wood chisel to successfully recreate the cove mold under the window sill on these one piece sills (there is no applied molding). The new sills were made from salvaged timber and installed on the original window frame with the same methods as in 1805.

Wilson-Covington’s Service Management Program

Ideal for Property Managers and Owners of Investment Residential Real Estate. In conjunction with being an Unlimited General Contractor since 1947, Wilson-Covington also provides maintenance work to over 5,500 single and multi family units in the Triad. This includes troubleshooting and repair of plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems plus all other maintenance and carpentry needs that an owner or property manager may have. Service requests are answered in a timely fashion and all work done on a very competitive hourly rate + materials. Maintenance technicians are on call 24/7 to respond to emergency requests. Please contact Wilson-Covington today for more information. 336-724-1721.

Korner’s Folly Foundation Installation

Wilson-Covington has begun work on the front masonry wall of Korner’s Folly. This work includes undermining the existing wall to install a footing and then installing new brick (from Old Carolina to match existing) down to the level of this new footing. This has allowed for the entire grade in front of the following to be lowered. The engineering behind this work was performed by Mr. Martin Page, PE who is experienced in historical work and whose expertise has fit in very well with the skillset of Wilson-Covington. Shoring has been provided by Associated Scaffolding.

Hayes Wauford, Vice-President, Covered in Winston-Salem Journal

Hayes Wauford, the Vice-President of Wilson-Covington and a World Champion Skeet Shooter was written up in the Winston-Salem Journal for his  shooting.

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Eastern North Carolina Hunting Lodge Part VII

Please enjoy the ongoing photographic update of work on the hunting lodge in Eastern North Carolina. This is quickly becoming a showcase of fantastic wood species as well as Wilson-Covington’s unique skills. Wilson-Covington’s carpenters have completed all interior wood work, including the fabrication and installation of custom cabinets, vanities, and kitchen island. Wilson-Covington is also fortunate to employ highly skilled masons and the stone cladding on the fireplaces has been completed in-house as well.

1805 Home progress report

Wilson-Covington is complete with all major framing repair on the 1805 era home in the Triangle area of NC. This has included replacing damaged framing elements with salvaged materials using the original mortise and tenon construction. The entire home has also been sheeted with plywood following removal of deteriorated siding and wrapped with Tyvek to provide a solid structure and better moisture barrier/building envelope. New siding to match the original profile will be installed and those boards able to be salvaged will be installed in high-profile areas.

Korner’s Folly Masonry Repairs Underway

Wilson-Covington has begun masonry repairs at the Historic Korner’s Folly in Kernersville, NC. The north (left hand) porch wall was taken down and a footing installed. New masonry was laid using Old Carolina Brick to match the original and Virginia Lime Works mortar. The south porch is also nearing completion. Work will now begin on the front (west) facing of the structure. Where no footing was originally installed and vehicular traffic on Main Street has moved the masonry, a new footing will be dug under the existing masonry, poured, and 5 new courses of brick laid down to this new footing. This will allow the grade to be dropped to more closely match the original and do away with flower beds that were a later installation.